13 Oct 2010

Now you see it - Now you don't

Well I browsed through my sewing books and realised I was in desperate need of a sewing machine cover. I love my machine, it's a Bernina Nova 900 and is very purdy. I don't really want to cover it up, but it permanently lives on one side of the dining room table and we eat on the other so for it's own sake it needs to be covered up now that our son is well practised in throwing food!

I couldn't be bothered to read the instructions or even to look at the patterns provided - really - how hard can it be? Not very is the answer. So I measured up, picked the fabric from my stash and set to it. I cut the fabric out on the floor instead of on the table as when I had a scan on Monday (I'm 35 weeks pregnant) they said the baby was in a very bad position and to try spending some time on all fours to try to get it moved, so it was an ideal time to do some multi-tasking!
I sewed it all up in no time at all and then decided I wanted bias binding round the bottom, but not the scratchy shop bought stuff, I wanted to make my own. I couldn't find a bias binding tape maker locally but found this amazing tutorial on how to make some myself without the need for one - and yes, it really does work :D
So here is the finished cover ...

Really pleased with it and am feeling the need to make metres and metres of pretty bias binding now that I know how!

Ali xx


  1. Weeee this inspires me to make a nice cover for MY machine that sits at the end of our dining room table too!! Along with an overlocker, who also needs a pretty cover!

    That fabric is faaaaab I love it!


  2. ooo oo love the tutorial on bias binding! A the cover of course!

  3. wow..that cover looks amazing! have to try nd make one for my machine now. I hate the ones they come with. x

  4. Oooh - thanks for the inspiration! I have THREE Bernina Nova 900 (2 are in cases but awaiting repair) I would love to make a beautiful cover for the one I use, especially with the beautiful red handle poking out!
    Thanks for posting :)