16 Oct 2010

Latest Bags

Well, I've finished 2 bags today that have been on the go for too long to mention!

The first one is a carpet bag, my first ever one, I even made the handles myself. So as you can imagine it was a very steep learning curve. I started off by using a pattern and then ditched the pattern once I understood how to construct a bag of this type - this usually happens when I use patterns! I didn't like the way it sat and it seemed far too wide for my liking, so I changed the proportions and the shaping. It also originally had a seam along the bottom which seemed pointless to me so I altered that too. Anyway after alot of other changes that I wont bore you with the bag no longer resembles the original pattern and I'm really happy with it...

The other bag was more straight forward to finish as I've been making these knotted bags for a
while now. I love the flowery yellow fabric in this one, it reminds me of the curtains that my mum used to have up in her sewing room when I was little...


  1. Good job on the handles, much better than mine! The bags look lovely! xx

  2. Love the handles!! Spill the beans, how'd you do them!?