23 May 2011

Changing Bag - At Last!

A week later than originally planned, due to matters beyond my control, my changing bag is ready for public viewing. It's been a massive learning curve and I've really enjoyed making it. The front has 2 birds on a blossom tree branch appliqued on it. A pale blue bird for my eldest boy and an even paler blue bird for my youngest boy. I've used glittery flower buttons for the blossom. There are loads of pockets and it's big enough for everything I need for a full day out with my boys including a change of clothing and a few toys! 

up close detail

bottle holder
under the flap
round the back
inside empty - nearly

inside full

I'm really very pleased with it and am so glad I treated  myself to making something for myself! It turned out exactly as I'd imagined. I've included this blog post on Wendy's Handmade Monday Blog, if you've enjoyed reading this then pop over there and see what other talented crafty types have been making this week.

4 May 2011

And a tiny bit more.

That's the last little glimpse you're getting until the grand unveiling which I'll be keeping for Wendy's 1st Unique Gifts Handmade Monday feature - assuming it's done by then of course - which it will be!
I am so unbelievably pleased with how my bag is going and it's even more special as it's the first bag I've actually made for myself. I have got the inside fully constructed and the outside fully constructed I basically need to just line it with 'special squidgy stiffening stuff' and then sew the liner to the outer and attach an adjustable strap. Two maybe three days and it'll be finished. I'm having to make it in fits and starts as can only sew when the boys are both asleep. I don't mind though as it really has been a labour of love and I see it as a bit of a heirloom in the making to be honest.

I think I can positively confirm that my mojo is back :¬D WooooooooHoooooooo!!!!

2 May 2011

More Mojo

 and some more ...

Making Mojo

Well it's about time that my 'making mojo' returned for good... and I think it may have! We had a big family Easter break at the seaside on the East Coast. It was a relative's birthday and the sun shone the whole time we were there :) I came home refreshed, did a bit of housework and a tiny bit of sewing, got the washing done and before I knew it I was watching the royal wedding and another bank holiday was upon us! Yesterday we went up to show off LB to his great grandma in the Lakes. We had a walk along the promenade and it was unbelievably windy - I do believe it blew the remaining cobwebs right out of me! My making mojo seems to have returned! Yay!
So without further ado here are a few teasers of the changing bag that I'm making ...