10 Oct 2010

Welcome to my new blog :¬) not really sure what to do now I'm here but I'm sure I'll learn the ropes quickly enough! I've had a very busy time recently having spent the last few weeks photographing and uploading my recent makes, updating my misi and folksy stores and then this last week has been spent on my own sparkly new website which went live yesterday! And so far it's had good reactions -Phew!

Now that all the computer geekery is out of the way I feel at a bit of a loose end so am going to spend the rest of the evening going through my sewing books and magazines searching for the next project. Will update you with what I pick to make and it's outcome tomorrow and the following days.

Ali xx


  1. Hi Ali, you hae 4 more followers than me! Tres jealous!

    I'm feeling all geeky and have been pressing lots of buttons on mine! eeee. I managed 2 folksy links and a flickr link!! ooo oo