4 May 2011

And a tiny bit more.

That's the last little glimpse you're getting until the grand unveiling which I'll be keeping for Wendy's 1st Unique Gifts Handmade Monday feature - assuming it's done by then of course - which it will be!
I am so unbelievably pleased with how my bag is going and it's even more special as it's the first bag I've actually made for myself. I have got the inside fully constructed and the outside fully constructed I basically need to just line it with 'special squidgy stiffening stuff' and then sew the liner to the outer and attach an adjustable strap. Two maybe three days and it'll be finished. I'm having to make it in fits and starts as can only sew when the boys are both asleep. I don't mind though as it really has been a labour of love and I see it as a bit of a heirloom in the making to be honest.

I think I can positively confirm that my mojo is back :¬D WooooooooHoooooooo!!!!


  1. I love the dongles!! Did you find the magic squishy lining stuff in the end?? Xx

  2. Oh Alison I really did 'laugh out loud' when I read your comment on my blog, but I can see from these pages that your are a very talented lady! Your sneaky peeks show that you are a very neat sewer - what a finish. Hope you manage to get it finished. I love the ladybirds

  3. Oooooh Alison I'm so excited to see this it looks gorgeous!!! I have a friend who's just given birth and she would like a Cheetah changing bag so when I get the chance that is my next mission! I'm glad your mojo is well and truly back! Keep sewing :) xxx

  4. Krysia - Yes I'm liking the dongles too. I have found something very similar in dad's garage, will be on the lookout for more shortly.
    Caroline - Ohhh thankyou :D but no really raw edge applique and me haven't been a good match so far. Did you use iron on adhesive before sewing?
    Dee - It's been a massive learning curve, lots of things I've not attempted before. Enjoying it though so may make some for stock at some point.