2 May 2011

Making Mojo

Well it's about time that my 'making mojo' returned for good... and I think it may have! We had a big family Easter break at the seaside on the East Coast. It was a relative's birthday and the sun shone the whole time we were there :) I came home refreshed, did a bit of housework and a tiny bit of sewing, got the washing done and before I knew it I was watching the royal wedding and another bank holiday was upon us! Yesterday we went up to show off LB to his great grandma in the Lakes. We had a walk along the promenade and it was unbelievably windy - I do believe it blew the remaining cobwebs right out of me! My making mojo seems to have returned! Yay!
So without further ado here are a few teasers of the changing bag that I'm making ...

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