17 Jun 2012


Introducing the finished Clarabel ...

Isn't she lovely? She is just how I imagined in my head except for one small thing. The choice of fabric was a slight compromise. It is exactly the right colour to match with the red wall but I would have liked white hearts instead of spots as there are already hearts featuring strongly in the decor of this room. I did find the perfect fabric online but you never know exactly what colour something will be when buying online and reds can be funny to match. So I'm going to keep a swatch in my purse and if I happen to come across the exact right fabric I will get it and make new curtains and re-purpose the spotty ones. So pleased with it though, I just need to put everything away now so that the room can be used again and I can get on with other sewing for Belovedly. Not bad for a grand total of £35 eh?

If you are new to my blog you can view the before pictures of Clarabel here...


  1. Waht a difference, it looks really gorgeous - well done. Love the material you have used. How about Charlotte for her name? Hope you have a good week.

  2. Wow. You can makeover my stuff any day. Thats lovely.