13 Apr 2011

Bits of bag

I have eventually managed to get all the parts for my new changing bag cut out. Cutting out takes me an age and it's now my least favourite part of sewing. I used to hate pinning pattern pieces with a passion but have now ditched the pins in favour of sewing weights. I'll be ditching scissors aswell shortly in favour of a rotary cutter. Happy sewing will soon commence!!!

You might recognise the red lining fabric, I made my sewing machine cover out of it which you can see here. The brown fabric looks like cord but isn't. It's like cord in that its velvety and arranged in stripes but it's flat with no grooves. It's got a grey stripe running through the fabric too. Apparently it's Italian. Very lovely indeedy!
I hadn't checked my stash and was going to buy some plain or polkadot red fabric for the lining but made a pledge with  Lynsey of SwirlyArts/SwirlyThoughts/Cuteable that for 2 months I wouldn't buy any more craft materials. Think these fabrics go really well together though so it's worked in my favour this time!


  1. Looking good! I hate cutting out too and the harder I try the worse it gets...frustrates me sometimes that I can write on a grain of rice but can't cut straight!


  2. Yes the cutting out is the hardest thing for me too, that fabric is great.

    Jan x