20 Feb 2011

Tweed Messenger Bag

It's been a while since I last blogged and this is the reason why ...I've been making this for my sister. It looks fairly straight forward for the picture but believe me it's got so many fancy pockets inside it's nearly untrue. She had quite a specific list of requirements ... it had to look right with each and every coat she owns, it had to hold her laptop and keep it in a snug position yet not look like it contained a laptop, she needed an internal pocket for this, that and the other and even more this and thats, it needed a zip to keep everything in, it needed a flap and it needed to be able to be worn on the shoulder and across the body too. She also wanted a separate pouch for her laptop to stop it getting scratched whilst not in use or in the bag.

So... I picked the tweed check as it has the colours she normally wears to work and I managed to find a really cute lining fabric with little flowers on it. I measured up her laptop and made it a pouch and a special harness inside the bag to keep it in position. On the harness is a pocket for her phone and memory stick. There is another pocket the same size on the otherside for her keys and purse and also a pocket with dividers for her hundreds of pens. The zip top was a learning curve but a very valuable one, I normally avoid zips but was determined to overcome my fear of them ... and I have. The strap is adjustable too.

She is well chuffed with it, so am I. I find working with tweed really satisfying. I love it!


  1. and you should be delighted with the bag - its stunning - I love Tweed and all the pockets you described must have taken you ages to work out, but its unique and I am sure your sister will treasure it for a long time to come :-)

    Great Work :-)

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  2. Wow! Tats really lovely. I love woking with tweed too, its really wonderful.

    I hate doing zips on bags... :o)

  3. Thats really nice, I love the tweed fabric and I am sure it will fit the bill. I normally like little bags but I would love this for my laptop etc. Well done