1 Dec 2010

Three became Four

Well, it's the 1st of December and time I started blogging again...
I had a beautiful baby boy just over 2 weeks ago, he is absolutely adorable and incredibly content. From now on I will refer to my boys as BB (Big Brother) and LB (Little Brother.)

The birth was a doddle except for dropping the gas and air in the throws of it all! BB came to visit straight away and was really quite interested and accepting of the new arrival. The first week was really tiring as the new baby was nocturnal, he has now settled down though and only wakes once during the night. BB is still very impressed about having a new baby around the house and is very affectionate and gentle with him, even though he is only 2 yrs old himself. Every morning when he comes into our bedroom one of the first things he does is go to LB's crib and gaze at him smiling before stroking his hair. It's enough to make a grown woman feel all woozy and warm ;)
We are blessed.

Over the weekend it started to snow here and now several days later we have 16 inches of the stuff - Talk about a winter wonderland! I haven't seen so much snow since I was little. BB had been enjoying it tremendously building snowmen, sledging and snowballing, until today when it was just too deep for him to walk in let alone play in. Tomorrow's plan is hopefully to build an igloo of sorts in the backgarden. On the downside our plans of seeing family and friends are having to be cancelled left, right and centre.

Today, because it was the first day in December and to make up for the fact that he had found it too hard to play in the snow, we put our Christmas tree up. It's an artifical one and he'd started putting tinsel and baubles on before I'd managed to get it half built. I have to admit that it's quite OTT this year, we put on every bauble we own and very nearly ran out of branches to adorn. I would post a picture of it but can't locate the camera so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Right, going to post this now else it will be tomorrow!



  1. What a lovely little family you have. congratuulations!!!!!

  2. Welcome back Ali!!!! Hi to the gang! xx

  3. Welcome back Ali and HUGE congratulations on LB's safe arrival xxx