2 Dec 2010

Feeling festive

Well, I managed to locate the camera so here is the Christmas tree ...

The snow continued to fall overnight on and off but didn't seem to be much deeper than yesterday's 16 inches this morning. Good job really, as I had to take LB to the doctors first thing with a bad cough/cold/sneeze - nothing serious though but better safe than sorry eh! Getting there was interesting to say the least, there was no way we'd be able to get our car off the drive and had we been able to there was no way we'd manage to get it up the hill to the surgery. The buggy was a no-go too, I considered walking with the sling but quickly decided the cold air would do him more harm than good and if I fell he'd get crushed. A taxi was called and we were delivered there and back safely, albeit very slowly and with much wheel-spinning.

This afternoon during nap-time we started making an igloo for BB to play in when he woke. Tim built the walls up to start with and then I took out a brolly and we used it to support the roof. It took about 2 hours to build but the little man was incredibly pleased with it...

I just wish I could fit in it too!


  1. Wowser, I want an igloo too!!! That is just brilliant....very child's dream. Love the Christmas tree xxx

  2. I love the igloo too! We saw kids building one the other day, making blocks, shame my arse would have been too big to get through the door!